Party in the USA

Good morning! I have a lot of love for my country. I may not always agree with what is running our country or how they are running it. But I do love this country and all it stands for. I am so lucky to live in a country where I have complete strangers willing to […]

11 Apr 2013


No Boundaries

Oh man it is to early to be awake right now. but goodmorning! So I have been obsessed with the song No Boundaries by Adam Lambert. Can I just admit I love his music…it is really good for work outs. You can work out to his music and cool down to his music I love […]

10 Apr 2013


When I see your face

Hey guys! So my clothes are being packed…and it is really hard to do an outfit of the day, when all your stuff is in boxes. Boo I know, but this gives me a chance to brag about my amazing husband. The one who takes my nerdy outfit pics, the one that takes care of […]

9 Apr 2013


We are young, lets set the world on fire

So this weekend was general conference and I wasn’t going to use my blog for politics or religion but lets get a few things cleared up that have irritated me. I am lds, I don’t care really what religion people are, I love learning about all walks of life and I respect that. I really […]

8 Apr 2013


Date night Friday

So I have dinosaur love. I love everything dinosaur. So when Jurassic Park was coming back in theaters I was so excited. But was really sad that it was only in 3D. Brandon and I are boobs and 3D makes us so sick. So for Easter I got Jurassic Park in DvD. So we made […]

6 Apr 2013


Where is the love?

So I am going to get serious today which is not like me at all. I can’t be serious for more than a second. But today I have something that is close to my heart. I came across a wonderful website a while ago. And I am so excited to be involved with them now. […]

5 Apr 2013


Flhair Headscarves Giveaway

Well who loves a good headscarf. I know I sure do and with it being spring and summer is around the bend it is the perfect time to grab some! There is this amazing girl Emma who has the cutest store on Etsy. She was kind enough to send me some headscarves for not only […]

4 Apr 2013


Beautiful Creature Lena Duchannes Makeup Inspiration

Happy wednesday! Okay okay…let’s face it I am a huge nerd! I love the Beautiful Creatures movie. And I absolutely loved the hair and makeup in this movie. This is by far my favorite movie. And I just started reading the books. I love them. I think this should have a bigger following than it […]

3 Apr 2013


Work out of the day and work out outfit

Hey guys! So I mentioned before I work late on Mondays so I come home eat and its dark. But I am on a new health kick so I get up early work out go to work then come home and work out. So here is my work out outfit of the day. I love […]

2 Apr 2013