Red Over Skulls

Hey guys, I cannot believe it is snowing again!! So you have seen my skull obsession ya? I have a crap ton of skull clothing. I am sorry it is just my style 🙂 I love it. I have been watching Pretty Little Liars today, trying to catch up. I am now caught up. I […]

21 Mar 2013


Coral Wedges and skulls

Good Morning! So I was super tired and had no energy. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of accessories. Just your clothes can sometimes make enough of a statement. Especially with such a blingy shirt 🙂 I felt a necklace would be to much, arm candy looked odd. I didn’t even want earrings in. You […]

20 Mar 2013


Nailed IT!!

Hey girls!! So I have a strange obsession with nail polish. I don’t know any girl that doesn’t :). But I went to the beauty supply to get a blow dryer and I saw some OPI liquid sand for sale. I was like sweet!!! And it was half off. Double bonus! I was like maybe […]

19 Mar 2013


Raglan Sleeves and Spikes

Hey lovely ladies!!! I am a huge baseball fan. I play baseball, I watch baseball. I love everything about the game. I also love the baseball Raglan sleeves. I have like four or five of these shirts. I saw urbanog had one and it was coral and I had to have it. I also discovered […]

18 Mar 2013


The Swimsuit Edition

So girls the fact is swim suit season is upon us. And man are there some freaking cute swimsuits this year. I found a ton on pinterest that are just my style. There are so many cute one pieces for the more modest type. And there are some really cute two pieces for those who […]

15 Mar 2013


I'm gonna pop some tags…

Hey Guys! So we found a place and submitted an offer Friday night..and they were suppose to get back to us. Low and behold we have to wait again!! It’s the anticipation that is killing us. We really like the place, it fits us. And the waiting game to see if it is ours is […]

13 Mar 2013


Welcome to the Jungle!

Hey Guys! Here is a good story for you so Sunday at church I am walking into the building, and things felt a little extra drafty. I get into the building and sit down I pull down my skirt only to find my slit in the back was ripped much higher than it needed to. […]

12 Mar 2013


Lost in a sea of shoes

So I work full time and Mondays are cray cray so I never get home until late and by then it’s to late to do and ootd post. Plus I have been in scrubs all day so it wouldn’t be much of an outfit. But my sister has me addicted to urbanog.com. These are shoes […]

11 Mar 2013


Be who you are

I have been seeing a lot of nasty people lately. Not on my blog thankfully but on other people’s blogs. If you don’t like someone’s style you don’t have to but don’t say rude things about that person. Especially if your another fashion blogger. I don’t understand why people have to be so rude to […]

8 Mar 2013