#GirlsCan by CoverGirl + Giveaway (closed) graphic

#GirlsCan by CoverGirl + Giveaway (closed)

So today’s outfit was inspired by Covergirls All-In-One Professional mascara. Covergirl has a special edition #GirlsCan line. The campaign promotes the emporement of women. Breaking the mold, turning a can’t into a can. Covergirl is turning a can’t into a can by donating $50,000 to the Dress for Success Campaign.  For more information visit GirlsCanGiveBack.com. […]

Fringey Vest graphic

Fringey Vest

It has been so stinking hot lately. I usually love this weather…but pregnancy in this heat…sucks. But hey I did it to myself…well not really I had help 🙂 But I have been finding ways of dressing this belly without to much going on. Most days I am in a t shirt and shorts. It […]

Fall Vests graphic

Fall Vests

The weather here has really gotten on the coolish side. I am so excited for fall clothing. I have discovered so many wonderful sites for cute clothing. The best part they are affordable. So keep your eye out for that. Also keep your eye on Stop Traffik Fashion in the up coming weeks. I had […]

Add a bit of Sparkle graphic

Add a bit of Sparkle

I have to start saying I have the best hubby. I was sick and ugly last night. He  still thinks I am beautiful even when I look like Quasi Motos twin sister. Who doesn’t like a little bling? I found this skirt on Windsor a while back. I saw a silver one on pinterest that […]

No Boundaries graphic

No Boundaries

Oh man it is to early to be awake right now. but goodmorning! So I have been obsessed with the song No Boundaries by Adam Lambert. Can I just admit I love his music…it is really good for work outs. You can work out to his music and cool down to his music I love […]

Wahoo!! A new leaf has been turned! graphic

Wahoo!! A new leaf has been turned!

Hey guys! Happy humpday! Can I just say what a difference a few days makes. For the past few years, my poor family has experienced so much. Cancer, death, falling outs, unexpected life events. We have made it through so much and this year has changed. It is calm, we are all well, good things […]